Conor Mcgregor randomly punches a DJ -😒 UFC FIGHT NIGHT PREVIEW: COSTA VS VETTORI

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Sometimes, it's really hard to get "the casuals" interested in MMA, but this week isn't the case, we have to thank Conor Mcgregor for this, as he always find a way to stay relevant in the media, this week he randomly punched an Italian DJ at a party, and suddenly everyone is speaking about him like he was the second coming.

Francesco Facchinetti, the (yet to be famous) DJ took to Instagram his allegations, claiming that the Irish superstar punched him in the face for no apparent reason, busting his upper & bottom lip, and broke his nose.

It's more damage than Conor did in any of his recent fights, so good on him for improving his skills on civilians, only good things will come out of it (heavy sarcastic tone).

“He attacked me for no reason seeing as we spoke for more than 2 hours and we had a good time together.”

Once again, cocaine is hell of a drug, one minute you're taking shots with Johnny Depp, only to end up in a one way brawl, we sure would like to see few rematchs for Conor in 2022, here is a top 4 of the redaction (me):


I don't think there is much more to say about this, maybe Michael Bisping is right, Conor should probably bully someone that can fight, me I have an even better idea, how about not being a bully at all?

Alright, now that I managed to get you interested about UFC again, don't move, there is an actual good fight this weekend, and if Ed (nothing cringey talking about yourself as the 3rd person) is going to get you all hyped up for the main event on Saturday, and a pretty good co main.

Paulo Costa (13-1-0) vs Marvin Vettori (17-5-1)


That's a weird poster...Did you really have to put their face so close to one another? This is one of those moment when my wife is going to tell my how gay MMA is 😄, and probably will watch the fight with me. That fight, is a good fight ladies and gents.

Not only because Paulo and Marvin styles match well, they are both at a time in their career when they've reached that last step on the ladder, and need to prove that they are still top contenders, most importantly that they could one day beat the Champion Israel Adesanya.

For Marvin, after having lost twice against Izzy, it's pretty clear that something is missing, only another creative genius will be able to dethrone the current champion. Still Marvin showed some good skills, he is a big dude, and is really competitive against the best fighters, if they aren't Izzy.

Good news for Marvin, Paulo Costa ain't as nimble and lanky as the last stylebender, and we might see a Marvin going for a takedown, by closing the distance, taking the risk to get into Costa's power hand.
In his last 6 UFC fights, Costa didn't not shoot once, and he might have a bigger output than the Italian Dream, Vegas Odds are surprisingly in favor of Marvin.



Let's have a look at their training footages:

What is the most impressive, is definitely his conditioning, and I think he is ready for 5 rounds. even if some of their exercises are HIIT, which means that there are short periods of rest in between, if you look at the fast cardio footage, he is truly super impressive.

Now Costa's training:

Of course it's hard to judge a man on 2 minutes of training, but we can expect Costa to pick that one shot knockout, and bank on his strength to prevent Vettori to maintain control from top position. These pelvic exercises might look silly, but I can totally see why they are focusing on this, making sure to be the stronger man in the exchanges, at least in the first 3 rounds.
The longer the fight, the more it will benefit Marvin, I am sure he is aware of this, therefore it's pretty clear that he is winning this fight, he has been more active, and is fucking hungry.

Grant Dawson (17-1-0) vs Rick Glenn (22-6-1)



If you came here for the Conor Mcgregor story and skipped to the bottom of the post, I can't blame you, you missed an incredibly well written article about the downfall of a legend, and an interesting fight between 2 middleweights prospect.

Check this guy out, his name is Grant Dawson, and got discovered in 2017 in Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series, let's check his performance that got him a contract:

At the time, he was fighting as a featherweight, and he as lethal now since his return to lightweight. Finally, what I love in particular, it's his relation with his coach James Krause, that always seems to have the right words for his fighters, check this out:

We need to talk about Rick Glenn for a minute that Grant is facing, a good fighter, that isn't coming from a win streak, but is coming from a pretty impressive win.
Ricky will be landing more strikes on Dawson, but will just delay the inevitable, being taken down, and either some ground and pound, or a classic rear naked choke, in round 1. A clear domination ahead for the young prospect, that could take advantage of this opportunity to showcase his skills.

The rest of the card, is ok, shout out to Alex Caceres a.k.a Bruce Leeroy, fighting on this card against the incredible Seung Woo Choi from Korea, that's going to be a fun one!

Finally a good fight night, I cannot wait...


Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and neuro monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not.

Just hope McGregor doesn't have any ideas of entering a ring ever gain as he is finished permanently. Costa looks like he packs a punch and will look out for that bout.

Yeah, it doesn't look good for Conor.

Costa, is very powerful, I think you will enjoy the Italian guy he is facing, a true grinder, he would have been a great rugby player.

I never saw those videos of McGregor until now. I don't care to ever hear of him again.

Haha, I am not surprised that you're reacting like that, and don't get me started on what I wasn't allowed to talk about!

Connor's time is long gone, he's only good at making money and getting attention, but he's dropped a lot as a fighter.

As for Marvin and Costa, I think it will be a good fight, and if Costa doesn't win by knockout he will lose to the Italian who will surely take him to the floor.

P.S. None of them have a chance of beating Adesanya, he is a few steps above them.

You are absolutely right, Adesanya is way above the rest of the division, no surprise that he wanted to test himself at light heavyweight...

Marvin or Costa, who you're having?

I go with Marvin in round 4 by ground and pound, Costa gonna gas out.

Like you, I'm going with Marvin. I think Costa will have chances in the first two rounds, but Vettori has very good wrestling, and will take the fight to the ground early.

You heard that Costa couldn't even make 195 lbs? It will be at light heavyweight.

Well imagine, I think Costa has lost his commitment, I think the humiliation suffered against Adesanya also affected him mentally.

How is it possible that he can't make the weight in this important fight, where is his motivation?

I see comments telling McGregor time is gone, so are those all gimmicks to get more attention?
I think so as you mentioned and that guy still looks fit and can fight for few more years, what do you say?

Of course it's a part of the gimmick, especially today, this is what they do to stay relevant, he even "retired" twice if I remember correctly.

I think he needs a fight, that will help him regain the love of the public, because they are turning on him. It must be difficult to live, but you "reap what you sow".

Still in his prime, if he takes his diet, life style at check (needs to stop drinking and doing drugs), maybe we could have a comeback story, that's what people want.

People love a good drama, like the boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury for example.

I understand it now.

Yeah gimmicks are everywhere to gain popularity, like in WWE, or these UFC fights.

That's why I love Cricket, where 11 players will give their 100% to win the match for their team, :)

Conor definitely turned into (or maybe he always was) an attention whore. He also seems like he would be a violent drunk to me. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a lawyer on staff to pay the people he assaults when he gets drunk just to keep them quiet.

Yeah I agree, maybe he was always like this. One thing for sure, he was a funny guy, he doesn't seem to have that sense of humour anymore though...

As I was saying to someone else in the comment section, you wouldn't believe the story coming out of sherdogs and other forums, really nasty stuffs involving conor, that happened in Ireland. The whole story was hushed, but lot's of people confirmed it really happened, and after that, nothing will ever shock me. So yeah, a lawyer on retainer for sure.

I enjoyed watching all this videos, I don't care if Mcgregor doesn't have it. I still want to see him fighting. I love his energy, he makes the atmosphere got!!!

Man, I love the spirit! Yeah, it's clear that Conor brings a certain emotion to people when he fights, the run for the 2 belts was the best thing in MMA history.

I read about Conor's attack on the DJ this morning and there was a follow up link about how he tried to start a fight with Machine Gun Kelly or threw a drink at him on the red carpet or something like that. Dude's out of control and I don't think that most people even think it is funny anymore.

I miss the old Conor, the funny guy that wasn't embarrassing himself at every opportunities.

This is the end of an era, I don't think you can come back from this. Nice to see you around buddy!

yeah the Conor that would talk trash in a light hearted manner and it kind of encouraged others to pick up their microphone skills to talk back. Then the water bottle throwing, bus attacking, DJ and old man in a pub punching Conor took over. I'm afraid we are stuck with him.

This guy is already lost, he doesn't know what to do to attract attention, one day he will get into serious trouble.

I kinda wish something bad would happen at that point!

only good things will come out of it (heavy sarcastic tone).


He's an embarrassment at this stage, liable to do anything and doesn't give a shit.

Bro it's totally you're fault!!! The whole thing!!