I Staked 850,000 SPORTS Token Today

in #sportstalk17 days ago

As I have mentioned in earlier post that I have been in Sportstalksocial community since the day 1 of the tribe launched a few years ago when it was at Steem-Engine. Since day 1, I have been increasing the Sports Power of my account. And today I just staked 850k Sports Token, that make my power is almost 64 million.


Since the price of SPORTS token is in the dip, it’s a perfect time to load more sports power. As Hive Price soaring, the price of Sports Token is falling down. I have calculate that the price of SPORTS is pretty cheap right now. So today, I purchased SPORTS with 25 Hive, and I got about 850K SPORTS.

Supporting #Sportspower
If you are staking SPORTS Token and make a post about it, please keep in mind to put a tah #sportspower. I am going to give some juicy upvote for the post. Think that if you have fair huge power, you would earn much more tokens as curation rewards and you will have a big share to vote a proposal for the growth of platform and Sportstalksocial community.

To Support a Promising Proposal
@patrickulrich was just posting on the plan for making a proposal on January 13rd. I am really excited to support a proposal which is good for the development of both community and platform.


Thank you for always being a part of our group @razackpulo.sport! I wanted to clarify that I'll have the proposal posted on January 13th which will allow voting through to the 20th. I just want to be sure everyone has voted by the 19th so they can be counted in it.

Thank you @patrickulrich. I’ve corrected the date.. :)

Yes! Love it, just started this again as well 💪

Yeah. Let’s grow together :)

You have been a really inspiring leader on the #sportstalk. So good to see these numbers of staking of sportspower.

Thank you mate.. I joined the tribe since the beginning. I love sport, I love sportmenship as well :)

Good investment nate,I will have to look into this too.

Have not really make any post when it comes to sporting activities at all,but u will be giving that a trail today mate

I think it would be worthy to make sports post on sportstalksocial front end, as it’s also supported by OCD curation. And for sure, we could use proofofbrain and vyb tags as well :)

And today I just staked 850k Sports Token, that make my power is almost 64 million.

That's amazing and unbelievable. Good to see you sticking with the community since day one. Keep it up dear. Have a good day ☺️👍 !PIZZA


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