Newcastle United vs Manchester United - Guess the result and win 2 HBD

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Yesterday was a quite crazy day in the Premier League and I had a little competition here on Hive in which people could guess the result of the match between Manchester City and Leicester City. Well, I actually received quite some guesses, but it is no secret that nobody was able to guess that the match would end with a 6-3 win for Manchester City. That is just crazy!

But, I thought I'd give it a try again today. I have a feeling that we might get a crazy result once again, but this might also turn into a boring 0-0 match. But, just like Arsenal won 5-0 against Norwich yesterday, this might also turn into a match with lots of goals. Manchester United is doing better after Solskjaer left, but will they be able to continue today? Will they get back in shape and turn into one of the best teams in the Premier League?

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Guess the result and win 2 HBD

Just like other times, all you have to do is to write a comment and guess the correct result of the match. If you guess the correct result, I will transfer 2 HBD to you after the match. If you guess the wrong result, you have still had fun. If you write a comment also containing information about why you believe your guess will be the outcome of the match (and explain it with a few sentences) I will give you a little upvote in addition to say thank you for explaining!

Write a comment right now and let me now!

Thank you to everyone for joining and look forward to hearing your thoughts and your guesses!


Newscatle 1-3 Man United

Thanks for joining once again, even though your guess wasn't correct!

Newcastle united 0 - 3 Manchester united

Seems like most people expected Manchester to win, so my 0-0 guess might have been the closest to the truth, but that didn't work out exactly either!

Let's go with Newcastle 0 - 2 Manchester United.

Difficult to really to know what impact the new manager at Man United has had because they haven't played for the last couple of weeks. He'll have improved the defence but that wouldn't be difficult given how bad they were under Ole.

I didn't watch the match myself, but I watched a live commentary, so I understood that Newcastle was the best team in the first half, then Manchester United came better at it in the second half, but Newcastle could easily have won with some major chances at which they missed in the second half.

No matter what, most likely not the most impressive Manchester United we have ever seen... and they are not living up to the expectations I had to them before the start of the season!

Given the amount of money they've spent then yeah United have been very disappointing.

Good to see Newcastle fighting. It'd be a shame to see them go down and the Premier League is better with the Toon in it

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Newcastle 1-2 Man. U.

It seems to me that the situation in the table is favorable for the red devils, besides the quality of their players is much better. Although we are talking about the Premier League, the most competitive and surprising league of all, anything can happen, but I trust that the talent of players like CR7 can make the difference.

I will go Newcastle 1-4 Manchester.

I wish... I wish... but quite far from the truth! Thanks for joining the guessing competition!

1-1 lol

Yay! I win!

Haha :) Thanks for dropping by!

It was a terrible night for the Red Devils.

Once again, the coach is being blamed