PUSHUPCHALLENGE: How many Push-ups do you think I can do 🤔… Let’s see

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This is my entry to the push up challenge by @edprivat. It is being a while I did some pushups or forced my self to go beyond my normal limit, and I was able to reach a certain number of push ups. How many do you think I was able to do. If you wanna know, watch the video.

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Hahahah that was dope 55!!! I see @mayorkeys and you were like competing? 😄

Well done, the way you pushed on the last ones that was epic!! Thanks again for doing it!

Smiles, mayorkeys is my roommate and he is a beast in exercising.

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You did more than I thought you would 😆

Lol!!! How many did you think I could do

20 tops.

You tried abeg 😄

Lol!!! Thank you... would you take part in the challenge?

I can't do even 1 except I do a modification

Lol 😂… very funny

You are doing well😁😁😁

Okay you blew my mind too. never thought you could go that far hahaha
Nice one champ

Smiles, thanks man… wasn’t easy.

Hahahaha..That was hilarious. Never knew u could go 50+ 😂

You just never know how many things I can do 😁...

Alright na.. I'm getting to know.

Nice one, I used to do this before oo, but now I don't even think I can do 3 push up 😅

Haha the truth is that doing push-ups makes me tired and then I can't do it with my arms haha I'd better leave that to you haha cheers and hugs

Lol mad ooo..I didn't really expect that much from you tho But you really tried kudos try harder next time

Smiles… no wahala boss

Alright man