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This is an announcement of an upcoming governance proposal for SportsTalkSocial that will be published on January 13, 2022. If you are a SPORTS stakeholder, I ask that you set time aside before Janurary 19th, 2022 to vote on the upcoming proposal. There is no need for action until the proposal is published on January 13th.

This proposal will address a combination of my prior two proposals that can be found here and here. I think these changes will enhance the future of SPORTS and I believe that adopting them will improve the community's chances for growth.

Additionally I will be requesting that we move the tribe account (currently under @sportsrewards) to a multisignature account. This would eliminate any one account from being in charge of the SPORTS issuing account yet would still allow changes to be made to the platform if the need were to arise as long as there is consensus among the stakeholders.

Finally I've been given an increasing amount of spam notices. Since the smart contract doesn't allow for banning anyone from receiving rewards I think one approach would be improving our moderation team for the base SportsTalkSocial community on Hive. For that reason I will propose that @cryptoandcoffee's role be upgraded within the community to a moderator.

Feel free to offer suggestions to this upcoming proposal in the comments below. I will certainly take them under advisement before drafting and releasing the final proposal on Janurary 13th.


Sounds good and really like to the idea that @cryptoandcoffee would be promoted!

He completely deserves it! He's spearheaded making @hive-101690 all the success it has been today. Our community wouldn't be half of where we are without all he's done for us and Hive in general.

Sounds good to me. I will go visit the proposal when it is up.

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Thank you for the support @jfang003! I'd love to hear your thoughts when it drops.

Looking forward to support the proposal in every way possible.

Finally I've been given an increasing amount of spam notices.

What's the nature of the spam. We may share details.

@cryptoandcoffee has been really working hard especially with the curation showcase. I think he has all the knowhows to moderate the community, however, we have to be careful to avoid what happened during the Referee's era.

Thank you for the support here and all of the other times you've stood up for us.

Usually it's plagiarism concerns or at times concerns about low effort posting. I don't have concern with the low effort stuff but plagiarism is an issue I'd like to see monitored. I still ask everyone to post them in the #replay-room on Discord but there's lots that doesn't make it there.

You're completely right about his efforts on the showcase. Additionally he uses that time to moderate using his voting power for the community token and will give shoutouts when issues arise that are beyond his power. He's someone I would completely trust to lead the community to where it should go.

As for the referee era this will only apply to @hive-101690 moderation. Any post using #sports or #sportstalk will still be eligible for rewards from the community and shown on This just allows moderation of the community on Hive since we don't have anyone set with those permissions at this time. Peakd also has an excellent tool for monitoring community activity at that will allow anyone to see what kind of moderation is happening. If there's anything that's outside of the lines of normal it can be addressed and overrode.

Maybe first ask @cryptoandcoffee if he wants that or can do it.

We've had discussions about this in the past and something he was amicable to at the time. I'll follow up to ensure that nothing has changed but feel he's the perfect person for the job.

I will be waiting for the proposal. and give my small vote as a part of the community.

Thank you for the support and checking this out!

I look forward to seeing the post. I will vote on it for sure. That @cryptoandcoffee is a good cat. I remember being on the refree team with him. It's sad that stuff like that has started to creep back into the platform.

Thank you again for all you did as a referee! I couldn't agree with you more about @cryptoandcoffee. He's been a great resource for our group beyond anything we could have imagined.

Yeah it's discouraging but I hope it can be resolved with future education. Anyone moderated will be shown on the community activity which will allow us to help educate them on how to create better content for the community.

Oh yeah, no problem, it was a great time. Education is probably the best route. A lot of people probably don't honestly know what they are doing is wrong.

I am likewise very excited to here this and am hoping that this will bring a change to the entire ecosystem.

Thank you for the support @embassyclassic! There's so much we'll be able to do when we have resources available in the DAO.

Thank you very much sir for your kind gesture but please if I may ask please what is the meaning of DAO or is there any link you would send for me to read more about it?

DAO just stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It's just a way of talking about decision making for groups when no one person makes the final call. I probably should have been more specific and said our token fund in this instance because we also have a governance DAO that we issue governance proposals against.

Right now our token fund is distributing 280000 SPORTS every day but that's all being consumed by the SWAP.HIVE / BTC pool rewards. I would like to see that increased as I described in this past proposal to be more in-line with how Hive is set up.

Wow... Thank you very much for taking the time to explain this to me more. You have a nice proposal and I Pray that this will soon become a reality.

Patiently waiting for the proposals.

I'm becoming the Justin Sun of SPORTS, I'm making announcements of my announcements.

I agree that @cryptoandcoffee is the man of the situation! I'll be on the lookout for the governance proposal post!

Some of the spammers have already been downvoted to oblivion, but maybe we can add a wall of shame on the discord channel?

We have a room in the Discord called #replay-room kind of built for call outs that people can share into. It's probably the closest we have now.

That's also cool

I consider this post a very reasonable one. If the proposal will lead to the growth of the community, I am with you.

Just as @uyobong said, we need to beer careful. Looking forward to seeing the bill. Have a nice day.

Thank you @anicom! If this is approved it will open up more space in the Token Fund for all kinds of projects and pools to request against. I'll publish up a 'Burn Proposal' and as long as a new project is above that limit and there's still space left it will let anyone build anything for the platform and be rewarded for doing so.

Proposals can be issued for 2500 SPORTS. I'll be issuing new ones like the burn proposal I mentioned above but also things like a swap.btc pool/funding but it doesn't have to just be dev work or finance things. We can fund anything with this!

Imagine this

It's not hard at all to earn 2500 SPORTS on our platform. Imagine if a sports club like @dfacademy needed to buy new gear for their club. They could start by making posts explaining who they are and what they do. With those few posts they'd likely earn 2500 that they could use to pay for a proposal to do something like offer to put Hive and SPORTS on their advertising. In return they could request to receive SPORTS from the token fund upfront to help them cover their costs. If you combine this funding mechanism with liquid markets like Hive or BTC then you have the opportunity for them to easily convert those SPORTS into the equipment they need.

I think back to how many fund raising things I done for baseball when I was young. I'd love to have been able to just share my games and recaps on Hive while building a strong enough reputation to just ask the community to fund my team. If done right this could present a valuable new form of guerilla marketing for SPORTS where it's exposed to a new range of people in the same league that would then log on and become active participants in the network. All while letting kids focus on the sports they love!

You are absolutely true. I love your spirit. I pray more than what you perceive comes true. Thanks for bringing this idea our way.

I think it would be a good way to promote sports content.

The support for Spanish content through @fulldeportes has disappeared or am I wrong?

I love what #deportes brings to SPORTS. I've not been voting much at all lately but when I do I usually check sports that interest me like #basketball, #mma, #americanfootball or #baseball. I just checked #baseball and see that there's a number of undervoted posts in my perspective. I'll definitely be sending some of my voting power that way as I get back in the swing of things for the New Year.

Certain questions were raised as it is posted in a different tribe for ocd support. If you post in sportstalk and tag fulldeportes that would be different.

@cryptoandcoffee is very fit for the role.

I look forward to seeing what the proposal entails.

And I'll be glad to give my vote