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Doing some home workout or exercise do have some good effect on the body so I came across this push up challenge through @ebingo who did his own entry and after seeing it I clicked on the link to check how to go about the contest and challenge then I saw @edprivat post which he did his own and I was challenged to do my own also today.

So this morning I decided to do my own push up for the challenge because it been a while I did that due to the fact that I don't train well again but I was surprised when I started and I got to do 80 PUSH UP and I believe I will do better next Time

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Yoyoyoyoyo! 80 PUSHUPS!!! Who can beat this guy???

Well done bro, true warrior spirit, and I also loved the speed, that's how you get that momentum and get the energy flowing!

Yes bro. I waiting for more challenge 😁😁

Actually it's been a while I did push up couldn't believe I will still get up to that

Niiice...I'm ghappy seeing you do talked so much about wanting to work out...

Now your number!! 80 dawg that's mad!!

Nice competition we have going on here

Aiming for the prize. And I know I can do better. Thanks for the comment


@mayorkeys go easy on people like me that cannot even do 20 push ups.
That was energetic fam.

You can also try and see what you can attain bro. You can do better than me

80!!! Bravo man!

Thanks my boss. Just trying my best

This is nice, big one bro, you did really great.

Am just a beginner you know😁😁


How come you make up to that number, you are big in it

😁😁😁 determination