UFC 268: The Last Card Before The Zombie Apocalypse

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Now that I've got your attention, let me explain myself...

Dana White has decided to put back to back, 2 of the biggest cards of the year, crammed with the biggest names, so the only explanation I could find, is that he knows something that we don't, like these guys at the Cyber Polygon Event from the World Economic Forum.
If I were Dana, and learned about an imminent "event", I would probably stack a whole bunch of shows before the lights are out, I can then go spend the rest of the apocalypse in my secret bunker.

What is Ed rambling on about again?

One might argue that Dana would still find a way to make money during a Zombie Apocalypse, I would pay a lot of money to watch Brock Lesnar vs Zombie Cain! (it's a lie, I wouldn't pay a cent)

All right, back to business, can you feel that indescribable feeling in the air?


Maybe I shouldn't have used good old Bruce Buffer's catchphrase, as he won't be doing the announcement in Madison Square Garden, crippled with a severe case of COVID, in his dying breath he managed to say one last word to the press: "Thanks god I am vaccinated"

While we all coming down from last week event, are we going to see fights of the same magnitude this week?
I am definitely excited about Gaethje vs Chandler, as it's a fan favourite and a lot of speculation has been made about these 2, but I am also down watching some rematches, Namajunas vs Zhang which was very quick to judge, and another fight that was probably the most competitive oppostition for Kamaru Usman, the entertaining Colby Covington who is coming back with a VENGEANCE.

Welterweight·Main event

Kamaru Usman (19-1-0) vs. Colby Covington (16-2-0)


I remember the first fight very well, so why are we doing this??

Well, first if you look into the welterweight division, there aren't any other competitors for Kamaru, the 2nd contender just won against Stephen "Wonderboy", Vincente Luque might be fighting Nate Diaz, and I don't think The Nigerian Nightmare is ready to give Khamzat Chimaev a shot, because he is just scaring the shit out of everyone, is that enough to deserve a title shot?



So the next in line, is Coby Covington, who seems to have learned a few tricks since their first fight, changing his striking coach, focused with American Top Team, but Kamaru also improved since their last bout, and something clicked lately, the last piece of the puzzle, that makes great athlete become great champions: The Confidence.

Kamaru now knows that he can knock anyone out, and will probably unleash combos on Colby, but opening himself by the same occasion. Man, I can't believe I am saying that, but Covington is a bad matchup for Usman, and after the year full of surprises we had, I wouldn't count him out.

Women Strawweight·Co-main

Rose Namajunas (11-4-0) vs. Weili Zhang (21-2-0)


Are you as excited as I am for this one?

I still remember hearing the chants of the audience, Thug Rose in tears on the microphone shouting with a smile:

I am the Best

Now, I don't think this time around, the fight will be the same. Rose might be strong on the ground, according to Pat Barry her coach-husband-extraordinaire, but Zhang's wrestling will be far superior.

Moreover, she's been now training with CCC Henry Cejudo, who will make sure that her wrestling is "MMA ready", and help her with closing the distance, I will be very surprised if Zhang Weili get caught with the same kick, with a tighter guard though you can never really count Rose out. I have to admit, that I am loving the tutelage of CCC, he is by far one the smartest fighter in the business, and will bring Zhang Weili to another level.

Do I want Rose to win?

No, I love underdogs stories, she was the underdog in the first fight, but now is a champion, I am vouching for the new underdog haha. 😄 Savage...


Justin Gaethje (22-3-0) vs. Michael Chandler (22-6-0) - The Ultimate Backflip Championship



Last week, I was explaining how I am completely biased toward the Lightweight division and I think it's the most entertaining division in the UFC, well, those 2 are partially responsible for this statement.

This will be the fight I am looking forward to, just because Gaethje and Chandler will certainly be fight of the night as they both have a statement to make, there is absolutely 0% chance to make it boring.

Now, the big question is, are they going to wrestle?

I don't think they will, as none of them will want to engage and shoot, a bit similar to Usman vs Colby, 2 wrestlers tend to cancel each others out.
This rule doesn't seem to apply against Khabib, that will always find a way to the ground and finish the fight.

I like Michael Chandler, and he could have probably dealt with early Gaethje that was careless, and taking unnecessary damage, but against a more cautious version of the fighter, I don't see him winning this one.


Shane Burgos (13-3-0) vs. Billy Quarantillo (16-3-0)


Alright I'll be quick, I've notice that If I go above 1000 words people just scroll all the way down 😁

Since Shane Burgos got knocked out by Edson Barboza, he probably had to deal with delayed CTE and some form of PTSD.
Now he is about to face Billy Quarantillo, that has been waiting for a moment to shine for a long time, it's a must win for Burgos but his opponent his hungry as fuck. I am waiting to see the face off and weigh in to give a prediction on this one.


Frankie Edgar (23-9-1) vs. Marlon Vera (17-7-1)


We all love Frankie, what a legend!

Remember his last fight? I do, let's watch it again:

Alright, let's just say that Frankie Edgar's record at Bantamweight is 1-1, so it's very possible that he has the edge against Chito Verra, newly fan favourite since he hurt Suga Sean Omalley's feelings.

I am vouching for Frankie just for all time sake, but he lost 3 out of the last 5, so we all hope he can get this one and retire!


I saw that last week Glover submitted Blachowicz, that was a bit surprising.

I'm not a fan of Colby Covington personally. I hope Usman beats him again.

Not cheering for Thug Rose! Wow. I love a good underdog story but I can't not root for Rose Namajumas. Go Rose 🌹!

Regarding Frankie Edgar, I hate it when they bring in these great fighter legends that are way past their prime to fight these up and coming stars. The UFC does it all the time and you start to see the pattern of it. They are a big name thats meant to lose in order to pad the new fighters resume. They do the same thing when they pair a new up and comer on a 6 and 0 streak and make him fight a guy you've never heard of that is super awkward in the ring. The no namer is meant to get knocked out in the first round to create a highlight reel for the up and comer and he always does get knocked out.

Not cheering for Thug Rose! Wow. I love a good underdog story but I can't not root for Rose Namajumas. Go Rose 🌹!

I just want a trilogy fight! Hahaha yeah I understand where you coming from, I have to play "the heel" sometimes and be the bad guy. I also like Usman as a champ!

I saw that last week Glover submitted Blachowicz, that was a bit surprising.

This, however, made me super happy, and it was totally unexpected! NOthing better than MMA! I am telling ya!

I ended up adding a bunch to my original comment. I guess I wasn't finished 😂.

What are your thoughts on that. Do you see it too or am I imagining it. Sometimes, I hate the games you see in sports. No pun intended

Ahaha I just caught the rest of your comment.

Well it's always the old buck versus the young one, and you're right they did it countless times and built careers on the top of old ones.
But look at what Glover did on the other hand, from time to time you have an exception! I think the problem is that Frankie shouldn't need to fight at 40, and I hope it's just for fun, in that case why competing at Bantamweight and going through hell at your age, where you use to be a Lightweight?

Maybe the incentive is better at Bantamweight? good question

Yeah, a good comeback story is always admired. Randy Coutour is another example that comes to mind. I do love it when the fighter that is meant (in my opinion) to lose, actually ends up winning.

"Ha! Take that game masters!"

Maybe the age plays a factor in cutting weight as well. Peoples bodies change as they get older and it must be a lot harder to maintain a low body weight.

Man! Randy Couture was 40 years when he got the title! Incredible come to think of it, and what an example as a man, just pure class.

Maybe the age plays a factor in cutting weight as well. Peoples bodies change as they get older and it must be a lot harder to maintain a low body weight.

Yeah bro, this and the good life too. They don't wanna suffer anymore haha

Bah, Rose has never been the underdog friend. Many people thought that because of China's fight against Joanna "Covington" haha, but they forgot that Rose took her out twice. From my point of view Namajunas is the best in the division by far.

Weili is good, but she will be knocked out again. That's my prediction.

Thug Rose 💪

Weili is good, but she will be knocked out again. That's my prediction

Hahaha. Which round?

Everybody loves Rose, I think if you do a poll it's probably 100% for Rose. I think it also plays a role in the outcome of the fight, because the audience will boo Weili again, she wasn't used to it at all.

Second round.

It is true that having all the crowd against her affects, however in this fight the same should not happen to her. She has to understand that everyone loves Rose. Who wouldn't?

Namajunas is very sharp, she has a powerful left cross and very fast, plus all her weapons.

She has to understand that everyone loves Rose. Who wouldn't?

hahaha it's true, but I think that's where Henry Cejudo can help Zhang Weili, he is the king of cringe after all!

Rose is so incredible to watch, to fluid, it's rare to have that level of striking for a female fighter.

Well yes, maybe Cejudo's teachings have made Weili reach another level in his grappling.

I think it will be a good fight, and I stand by my prediction, Rose in the second.

May the best fighter win 😄

Ufff esta cartelera si que va a estar interesante, esta si no me la pierdo por nada. La pelea entre Namajunas y la china va a estar entretenida, espero que Rose pueda revalidar su titulo y salir con la victoria.

¡Que pasa mi amigo! Gracias por pasar :)
Ah, sí, no puedo esperar por este, estoy de acuerdo contigo, será interesante ver si puede validar su estado, a menudo decimos que solo eres un campeón una vez que defendiste tu título. ¿Qué hay de Gaethje y Chandler, quién está ganando?

Bruce did the ring announcement as I am sure you are well aware by now. I don't know if you noticed but I felt as though he was kind of pumping the brakes a bit to preserve his voice. He gave it his all but was noticeably quieter in his shouting. Gotta give those vocal chords a break!


Yeah I saw that, and there were also his replacement octagon-side in case something happens 😁

I am happy he is ok though, that's the trademark voice of the UFC!