The MMA headlines, while we are waiting for the next event!

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Happy New Year to all our fellow Sportsmen and women!

The end of the year, has been particularly uneventful in MMA, and as you can see, when there is no event, I don't have much to say haha.

I thought it would be the right time to share with you the current MMA news, let's get right into it! There will be probably some that you missed, while I kept my eyes on alerts and all allert!

Khamzat Chimaev vs Gilbert Burns on April 9th


I start with the news that is the most exciting, and that has been confirmed.
Khamzat Chimaev, who was struggling to find anyone willing to face him, has now an opponent, Gilbert Burns signed the contract, and they will be facing each other in the octagon on April 9th.
This will be a very interesting matchup as they are both incredible on the ground, we might see something similar that Usman vs Covington, though we will finally know if Chimaev is the best wrestler, which in my opinion, is fact! More on this in a month or two, when they both start releasing footage of their camp.

Ngannou vs Tyson Fury with 4 ounce gloves

Tyson fury claimed that he is willing to fight the current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, under boxing rules, in a ring, with MMA gloves.

Just the idea, sounds bonkers, and will probably be a done deal if Ngannou wins his fight against Ciryl Gane on January the 23rd in their unification bout.
If not, I don't think the deal will still be on the table, and Fury will have no interest in fighting him anymore. It's just the rule of the market, supply and demand.

Holloway injured, fight vs Volkanovski cancelled



This one comes across as a shock, and already we are hearing that The Korean Zombie might be replacing him.
Another dude, that is shouting from his throne of cringe, is ex UFC double champ, and Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo making some waves, trying to get that fight.

Cejudo at 145? Why not, he surprised me many times, and he could really do well as Volk is also tiny, so not much of a reach advantage.
Can you believe that Volkanovski was over 200 pounds when playing as a pro rugby player? I do haha.

Sean Strickland Ko sparring partner

No comment, here are the footage.

In case you think this is cool, just so you know, it ain't. There is an agreement, when you have a sparring partner, not to take each other's head off. There is one comment that I really enjoyed on the video, and it sums up what I think about Sean Strickland.


Jake Paul vs Jorge Masvidal in the work for a MMA fight

Check Jake Paul working on his leg kicks

This doesn't mean that he will be able to take on hit on the shinbone, or go to the ground. If I remember correctly, he was a collegial wrestler, or maybe it's his brother, I don't care enough to go check on google.
Anyway, I can't wait to see him callout a boxer in the octagon haha.

Poirier vs Diaz in the work


The problem is, this fight has been in the work for years now, and if it was a done deal, it would have already happened.
Now, Poirier seems to be in a difference phase of his career, and I wouldn't be surprised, to see him hanging up the gloves after one big paycheck.
Diaz could be that last fat check that he was waiting for, and could be quite entertaining, but probably not competitive.

Derreck Lewis vs Tai Tuivasa booked for February 12th.

After Derrick's last fight, I was super impressed, as he broke the record of the most KO in heavyweight's history.
Tai Tuivasa, the dude doing "shoeys" all the time (see picture), is a fan favorite, so friendly, so likable, and so deadly on his feet.
It's an interesting fight as they both suck on the ground, we know someone would get knocked out.

Next week, we will have our first UFC event of the year, with Kattar vs Chikadze, an interesting fight but not worth en antire post about it, I might couple it with the top 10 best fights of 2021, or the best KOs of the year (let me know which one you would like to see), which was one of the best year in MMA history.

Let me know what's the news that made you react the most in the comment, and see ya next week!


Nice update. Diaz is always entertaining but my money would be in Poirier.

I bet that guy gets paid a lot of money to drink from a shoe. Lmao what's the going rate for Something like that you think? On international TV - 30k? That's my guess

Thanks buddy, your support is always appreciated, especially on my niche posts haha.

So, it's a whole AUssie tradition the shoey, and that guy took it to the next level by marketing a shoey product, hold on let me find it for you.

He calls it the shoeyvasa.

30k? Nah, I think he was doing it for free with the same shoe haha.

We support each other 😁

Really, you don't think that he gets paid by Nike to do it on TV? That surprises me.

Hilarious tradition though

Man, he probably is making 5k IF it's legit sponsorship. If it's under the table, maybe double. MMA fighters don't make much in general. That's worth a post of its own 😜

hahaha thanks for sharing this! Makes me proud to be an Aussie. Even better, it makes me proud to be an Aussie with a Samoan background!! 🤣

Lol, have you ever done a shoey? Is it THAT common?

Not yet my friend not a big drinker. It'll take HIVE going to $100 for me to have a crack at it 😀

Hahahahah careful what you wish for!


I follow this sport less than a presidential election but want to comment anyway so here goes:

We met my now buddy's wife of 10 years at a UFC gig in Vegas. She was a ring girl. That and what's with dudes shoey's? A trademark thing like Lebron James does with chalk before games or what?

Well that's nice that you picked this side of the Blockchain while I've been force feeding you my music for years. Thanks for creating engagement, I was about to say did you bang her and then realized that I didn't read properly you comment and I felt stupid for a second. It's great to have you here buddy, I hope all is well, or at least all is ok, which in today's world is above average

What's with the shoey's?

It's Australian, bro!

You followed Pura before me. LOL! I swear if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be allowed anywhere.

Did I? I probably thought you were just another crazy dude haha 😄

Yay! 🤗
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I think the only fight I would be tempted is Jake Paul as I want him to be bought back down to earth with a nasty bump. These youtubers are making a mockery out of boxing and would love to see someone teach them a lesson.

I don't buy PPV, but this one, I would probably not buy it neither haha, but I would definitely watch it live. I agree with you, anyone saying it's "good for the sport" probably doesn't understand the art.

This is a great post and photo selections are awesome,,
Coming onto sports, I think UFC, MMA, these sports top the list on the term of catching folk's attention.
Greetings,mate 👍..

THanks so much, I am glad that you enjoyed it! I totally agree with you, people like fast paced sports, and MMA is just very exciting, especially lately.

NIce to meet you!

Yeah,sure, I am happy to see that you also have the same opinion, huh ha.
Consensus looks really awesome.😀,,

It's also my pleasure to talk with you.Nice to meet you, too.
God bless you,👍🍬🍬..

already we are hearing that The Korean Zombie might be replacing him.

I'd rather see that fight anyway. I can't really say exactly why. But I've always had a soft spot for El Zombo