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Welcome to our second edition of the Sports Talk Social challenge, if you missed the first one in November, we had lots of fun check it out:

# SPORTS TALK SOCIAL - Pushup Challenge - How many pushups can you do? Everyone can earn SPORTS!! 🤜 10 HBD to share for the finalists! 45k SPORTS for the top 3!

Now, we had a good participation, but with the soccer World Cup coming at the end of 2022, let's sharpen our soccer skills, with the basics:

How many juggles can you do in one go with a soccer ball?

For every juggle you can accomplish, you earn 100 SPORTS. you got this? If you do a 100 juggles in one go, you could earn 10000 SPORTS!
You've been working on this your entire life, now is your moment to shine!
You suck at juggling? No problem, even if you do one juggle, you can earn at least 100 SPORTS!
If you can't even do 1 juggle, I can't help you haha.😄

  • Film yourself doing as many juggles as you can with a soccer ball, if the ball falls, that's the end. Post on @threespeak your video using the Sport Talk Social community, with the tag #sportsjugglechallenge. Don't forget to mention your HIVE handle in the video. If you need help with the upload on the platform, come join the Discord server, @eddiespino will gladly help you out!
    If by any reason, you can't upload on 3speak, Youtube videos are also accepted.

  • (optional) Reblog this post.

  • Tag a friend that can juggle!

  • Drop your post in the comment section of this post.

  • Closing date in 7 days to announce the Top 5 winners (closing date might be extended if needed).

  • Top 5 best jugglers will earn an extra bonus in HBD. 1st 7HBD, 2nd 5HBD, 3rd 4HBD, 4th 3HBD, and 5th 2HBD.

  • No Hand Juggling allowed! Duh!!!

Note: The video posted cannot be edited, or tempered with to make sure it's legit.

To make it fair, make sure to use a normal sized soccer ball, not a tennis ball, or a poodle.

Pic for poster made from pixabay

Edit: 2 days left!


Cool contest, I'll definitely have to improve on my juggling skills, as I can't do more than 10 atm😂. Hopefully, I'll get better.

Yooo! Even 10 is great, I don't even know if I can do 10 neither haha. LEt me go practice!

Nice. Another competition. This is a good one too. I don't have a football/soccer ball so I will watch from the sidelines but look forward to seeing some videos.

You did very well at the last round, and having a soccer ball shouldn't be an excuse 😃 , sell one of your Voeuve Cliquot bottle 😁. It's literally 4 euros in any shops.

Hahah I am joking, I know even on the sideline, you'll be a good sport!

Lol..Interesting... I am not sure I can do more than 10 pushups
But juggling won't be a problem

Niiice! I don't even know how many I can do neither! Thanks for participating!

Little practice and you will good in no time

This is gonna be embarrassing but I’ll definitely submit a post. 300 SPORTS here I come!


Hahaha there is no such a thing as embarrassment in soccer...Oh wait, yes there is lol.

THx for the beer!

Hey @edprivat, here is a little bit of BEER from @talesfrmthecrypt for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Fantastic initiative and what the community is all about 👏

Exactly!!! Hopefully we get people involved!!!

Nice lol. I will add some sports to the kitty as well for this one. Lets see the standard of entrants before working out numbers. Has to be a booby prize as well which should make it more fun. Good initiative and will look out for them coming through the feed. Talking of kicking pets one of the teachers at school kicked a tennis ball that was lying in the ink well of the desk and didn't realise it was a home for a pet rat. Ball and rat went flying lol.

THanks @cryptoandcoffee; there is roughly 21HBD to share between the top 5, but I can increase this, and add it in the title also.

Ball and rat went flying lol.

Hahaha hilarious, it's one of those that I won't believe until I see it!
Thanks for the enthusiasm, let's hope it takes off!

Ball and rat is one of those things you just never forget and makes me chuckle every know and then. Was thinking of throwing a decent sports kitty in and will see how much I have liquid when the payouts come. Was thinking maybe 500 000 sports to share out.

I am currently powering down some SPORTS, maybe I'll put 1 millions SPORTS to share for the TOP 5, I might extend the deadline then to let the powering down happen

I can do 100 juggles but don't have equipment to film myself😔

What do you mean? A phone?

Yeah. My phone camera is bad

I'm all in for this one man! Great idea, I could do 200 or 300 as a kid, but would struggle for 100 today I'd say, but I'll give it a whirl.. I've never used 3Speak before either, so hopefully i can sos it out.

I wanna beat your 77 record so bad now hahah

Not a bother to you in the wide open fields of the French farm with the sun beating down on your back. You can do it!

No soccer ball here😜🤣🤣😅

Yea et pas de jonglage à la couille de taureau. Disqualifié


Will join tomorrow, its to dark outside today. Love this challenge, hope more people join in. Have reblogged it

Awesome there's one day left before the deadline so you should be fine! Thanks !!!