SPORTS TALK SOCIAL - Pushup Challenge - How many pushups can you do? Everyone can earn SPORTS!! 🤜 10 HBD to share for the finalists! 45k SPORTS for the top 3!

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I wanted to start a challenge on Sports Talk Social, just for fun, and of course for everyone to flex a little.💪 Everyone can earn SPORTS on this one!

How many push-ups can you do?

For every push-ups you can accomplish, you earn 100 SPORTS. Interesting? If you do a 100 push-ups in one go, you could earn 10000 SPORTS! Easy peasy? Even if you only do 7 push-ups, it's alright, you're still earning 700 SPORTS! It's on me 😁

  • Film yourself doing as many push-ups as you can until exhaustion, and post on @threespeak your video using the Sport Talk Social community, with the tag #sportspushupchallenge. Don't forget to mention your HIVE handle in the video. If you need help with the upload on the platform, come join the Discord server, @eddiespino will gladly help you out!

  • (optional) Reblog this post.

  • Drop your post in the comment section.

  • Closing date in a week to announce Top 3 winners

  • For the most competitive of our hivers, the 3 superfreak athletes that can make the most push-ups in one go , will win a bonus: 1st wins 20k SPORTS + 5 HBD, 2nd wins 15k + 3 HBD, 3rd wins 10k SPORTS + 2 HBD, in addition to the SPORTS they are already earning with the amount of push-ups done.

I will post my own push-up record this week, to raise awareness on the challenge this Saturday! As I organize the challenge, I do not compete, take my money already!! 😎

Note: The video posted cannot be edited, or tempered with to make sure it's legit. The form of the push-ups don't really matter, do your best, even if it's just one push-up!

Tag all your gym bros!!! Let's pump it up!

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Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and neuro monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not.

Okay I love this challenge, and I will certainly also watch all the participants videos and comment on them. Yes! I will try do mine too but I guess am too weak to do more than 10 lol. But i will do it for fun anyway. @ebingo come win some sports😅

Can I use your designed image for my thumbnail/cover photo?

10 is great!!! Good job!! Let's goooo!

You didn't answer the man's question. Totally legitimate one otherwise I wouldn't point it out. 👍🏿

lol thx haha

Thanks.. you are Awesome!

Can I use your designed image for my thumbnail/cover photo?

Yes of course!!!

Roger that!

Lol....make I try na

let's gooooooooo doc!

Sure sure sure

Dude, how many push-ups are you going to do? What if I do one push up but make it a gif? INFINITE PUSH-UPS!!!!!!!

What are SPORTS? Did you create a new token?

This is how many SPORTS you own right now


What if I do one push up but make it a gif? INFINITE PUSH-UPS!!!!!!!

If it looks legit you can fool me 100000000 SPORTS for this guy!

I haven't been on Hive engine in a long time lol. There are so many tokens now adays. I didn't even know I had them.
I may give your challenge a try for the fun of it but I've never used 3speak. I hope it's not difficult to figure out. I'm prone for giving up on something at even the slightest inconvenience lol

It super easy to figure out, and if you have an issue come to me, or to the Discord channel, they are super helpful with the process.

Wow, if you're up for it, I can't wait to see that!

smiles.. this is awesome.. About a year ago from now, I use to make videos of me doing daily push up challenge.. I do about 30-50 push ups a day... This is awesome, I would love to do this.. Hopefully, I would be able to make it to 50 but I doubt, it has been a while.

Omo you are good na. Anyway I would be watching. !giphy popcorn

Lol… we would see.

Man, you could make it in the top 3!!! Wooohoooo!

Hopefully I can.

Great idea 💡

Hopefully it helps raise awareness of the SportsTalkSocial tribe. I wonder will anyone hit the 100 mark???

I wonder too 😁 (this guy did)

Savage 🦾

Ive done 100+ in a sitting before, but with breaks, I think I'd max out at around 40..

Well done you 👏

40 x 100= 4000 SPORTS!!! 😃, just sayin' . I did it today for the few lasts ones I had to rest in push-ups position for a few seconds... And the form was...debatable hahaha...

You got this bro ^^

Ya pretty sweet that, I'll see if I get around to it man 👌

Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and neuro monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not.

Wow this is a very interesting challenge.
To be honest, the last time I did push ups was a very long time ago. that's why my stomach shape is now rounded... hahaha. lol 🤣
but precisely with this challenge, it makes me excited to do push ups again.
Come on friends, @ipul27 @fenanblog @heartofdarkness @laviesta @owner99 @zeingrind666 @vetto4peggio @yuyu-arts let's take this challenge 💪

Yes!!! Thanks so much, cannot wait for your vids lads!

Nice, boleh di coba nih

I did half a Push up and realized it just made me want to have sex. Now that's my kinda sport. Must be something about the rapid decent towards the floor...

Sorry There's no way I can do a video on this topic. But Bravo to anyone who participates!

hahaha come on bro!😁

I'll see if I drink enough to make a video later... 👍

lol haha

Hahaha, very interesting mate, but does it necessarily have to be via 3speak? Can't it be a video right here?

I say this because 3speak is asking me for the active key and not the post key to be able to upload the videos. In that sense I don't want to put my active key for that.

If you don't feel comfortable (though it's pretty safe), I cannot force you to do so; and in that case I guess you can use Youtube if you prefer.

Okey, I'll see what I can do friend, I'm encouraged to participate although I don't think I'll reach 10 haha

10 is pretty good you know? 😁

Hahaha 🤣

Was thinking of filming sideways with me leaning against the wall and pushing away but would be too obvious lol. Once a cheat always a cheat. I will be watching out for any entries.

Hahahaha no cheating we said!!! I've heard that you were a strong china, something like 1m95 for 120kg, surely you can do few push-ups 😁

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Hi, i'm in this is my participation, my max is 26 push-ups
It looks like i've posted twice, maybe this one is the good, i don't know

This is how you do it!! Wow! Everyone take notice of the form, just perfect! Great effort! Thanks for participating :)

Una de las mejores propuestas que he visto en la comunidad, lol

Thanks brother! Let me know if you need some help with posting a video on "threespeak"

¡Gracias hermano! Avísame si necesitas ayuda para publicar un video en "threespeak"

Me parece interesante y me gustaria participar, creo que lo intentare y tal vez gane

Me parece interesante y me gustaria participar, creo que lo intentare y tal vez gane

¿Ganaras? Wooohooo

Ummmmm...push-ups? Shouldn't that have an age restriction on it @edprivat?

Or am I the only one that was rolling around (in the gutter) laughing over the imagined comments and posts that I'm disappointed nobody has (yet?) done on PUSH-UPS!!?

I can't prove it, but I think this comment was edited, and the first comment was "Yes! Challenge accepted 😁"

My goal is to pass 70 push up and I know I will attain it watchout for my entry soon

I can't wait!

I am going for the prize

wow, doc is on another level!

Thanks mate!

As soon as I saw this, I needed to get away from my screen to do my regular workout. Are we gonna start a 77 push ups challenge? For Hive at 77 USD? Pump it up!

That's the homie right here!!! How many push-ups you can do? Do you cheat or you do the real thang?
I say this because half of my push-ups aren't legit, but my wife pretend I can do a 100 hahaha.

Exactly like the 77 pushups challenge, let's go brother!

Here's my entry. That was fun. Great challenge!

Thanks again for participating, you were super impressive dude ❤️

My pleasure. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for creating it.

hello friend here is my participation good luck to all of you.

Thanks again for your participation!! Amazing job!!!