SPORTS TALK SOCIAL - Push-up Challenge - Winners Announced!!!

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First, I would like to congratulate all our fierce contestants, that showed amazing push-up skills, the challenge was a great opportunity for many fit Hivers to flex their muscles, and earn some SPORTS in the process!

Let's discover our winners 😁:


Congratulation on winning the challenge, you are the true push-up king! ☀️

5 HBD + 20k SPORTS + 8000 SPORTS (for 80 push-ups)

2nd Place: @ebingo - Doctor Attempts doing 100 push ups at go!!!


Doctor shared a secret in his video, on how he can do so many push-up. It's legit!!

3HBD + 15k SPORTS + 6600 SPORTS (for 66 push-ups)

3rd Place: @starstrings01 - PUSHUPCHALLENGE: How many Push-ups do you think I can do 🤔… Let’s see


Casually talking to his roommate, then proceeds to kill 55 push-ups like nothing happened 😁

2HBD + 10k SPORTS + 5500 SPORTS (for 55 push-ups)

Special Mentions:

@leaky20 Sport Talk Social Hive Push-Up Challenge


Don't be fooled by the cool tattoos of this philosopher philanthropist, the man can do push-ups!

Earnings : 4200 SPORTS

@abelcam07 SPORTS TALK SOCIAL - Desafío de flexiones - ¿Cuántas flexiones puedes hacer?


Last minute contender enter the arena, does 39 push-ups, not even breaking a sweat!

Earnings: 3900 SPORTS

@alexfly5 SPORTS TALK SOCIAL Hive/ Push-up Challenge /Video in Spanish and text in English


This is just perfect form, the arms full extending, take note gents!!

Earnings: 3000 SPORTS

@servelle Push-Up Challenge entry Sport Talk Social


So proud to have a French compatriot representing our country, allez les bleus!!! Let's show them!

Earnings: 2600 SPORTS

That's it for this challenge 💪, I had a lot of fun creating it, and even more watching all your videos!
Let's agree to make another one from time to time, I am thinking of having something that can encompass more people to participate, and I selected 3 ideas for the next one, that could convince a wider audience to participate if you catch my drift, too many balls 🙃:

  • Hand Stand Challenge: How long can you stand on your hand?
  • Yoga Pose Challenge: Your Favourite Yoga pose in 5 pictures and 200 words
  • Dance for your life in One minute!

Let me know which one you prefer in the comment section!

Special thanks to @threespeak and @cryptoandcoffee for their help in making the challenge!



Thanks for the SPORTS tokens! That was a fun challenge.

Congratulations to the winner, the top three and also everyone who participated. Well done everyone.

If there's a hiking championship you might win it! Thanks again for participating it was good fun, with the cat and all haha.

Bravo aux gagnants, ils sont vraiment très fort, je fais office de figurant lol 😂
Merci pour ce concours très stimulant, je fais désormais des séries quotidiennes de 25 pompes au lieu de 20 précédemment 💪
Et merci pour les tokens 👍
Pour le prochain challenge, je n'entrerai dans aucune catégorie mais je le suivrais avec plaisir 😉

Bravo pour le super effort, le prochain challenge sera surement quelque chose qui incluera tout le monde, la discussion est ouverte 😁.
Des series de 25! Trop fort, 10 series de 25 cest 250 pompes, c'est niveau Shadock!

Congratulations to the winners. Good to see that you are in good shape

Thanks for your words of encouragement!

Congratulation to @mayorkeys, @ebingo and @starstrings01 👏 and to the special mentioned one, @leaky20 👏

So the next challenge will be finger push-ups, in the category where cat distraction should be included? ;D

Lol finger push up.. you should take the lead..After your video, I would do mine.

Hahaha, like piano players first? 🤣🤣🤣

Well, well, I should start to practice then :D I said 1000 Hive...piano player of not...I'll start practicing

Finger push ups😲😲😲. How is that possible

easily ;) I watched now some youtube videos, so I know everything and it is not even so challenging anymore (haha, just kidding)

But look at this

@edprivat , check this out 😮

Okay I will check it out now

Oh my God. I was so amaze and surprised seeing the way the guy did the push up. I am still yet to believe 100%

Hahahah the ending!!! It's legit 100%

I have a question on Discord for you catch you on the flip side

hahaha finger push-up!

yeah, it was actually the idea of The Hive Chef, but I liked it a lot, so now I mention it everywhere and all the time ;D

I once hurt my finger trying to do that Bruce Lee push-up...Really dangerous stuff...

lol...I will only do it for a 1000 Hive...

Great to see and it was a successful event so congrats. Sit ups, beer drinking as what sportsmen doesn't drink? Still think a sports quiz on discord would be fun once a month. There is so much we can all do.

That's a good idea, do we have a Discord Channel?

We could also watch the big games together!

Thanks to you too for organising friend.
So sad I missed this one after all my talks, but yes! I'm glad I tagged the doctor @ebingo. He did well.

@edprivat ,Let the next challenge be less stressful, I will pick 2 or 3.

via tenor

Hahaha it's alright buddy, you'll get the next one! Thanks for bringing the doc in!

We can do hand stand challenge also