Doctor Attempts doing 100 push ups at go!!!

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My goal at the beginning of this video was over 100 push ups...Did I do it!!?

THis is my entry for the sport push up challange

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Dude!!! You freaking killed it! I counted 65 or 66 are you sure about 60?

That was incredible, the form was just fully extended, just wow! Well we have someone taking the lead ladies and gents, congrats doc and big respect!! That's power!!!😄💪

Right...I was juiced out when I edited the video...

But if your number is higher so I'll go with yours...I'll go back count later.

Congrats you are the boss 💪

Thanks mehn....

I came in a bit early...I'm sure I'll see some people out do me.

Strategy of taking a dump before the challenge obviously worked lol. I am sure you have a great chance and happy you got involved.

Lol...thanks...if you fail to plan to fail right?

Nice one! 💪
That's an impressive number for sure. More than I did.

Thanks...I'll check that out

Kudos to you.
I am seriously struggling with getting myself to do my daily sit-ups.
So I know it definitely took discipline for you to give this a shot.
Well done again! dear adding to schedule has been hard but its been rewarding mentally I cant lie

Abi ohhhh..
It's the mental reward for me.