OCD Sportstalk Curation Incubation Update

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Another post, another week as time slows down for no one heading towards the end of the year. What is great is the strong year the sports tribe has had so far growing every week. When OCD came on board to support the community we were heading in reverse and have grown every week since there involvement.

This post is more about the figures as they don't lie telling it how it really is. The sports tribe has grown adding another 23 members up from 2406 leaving us currently on 2429. The active users hasn't increased as we have kind of stagnated in that sense which is kind of weird. The interactions are still down and makes no sense.

All About Engagement (Commenting + Replies)

The no commenting still puzzles me by a large percentage of users as how does one think they are going to grow without interacting with others. This week I have been leaving commenting on various posts trying to show and guide users to do more. I am not even hinting anymore and have received comments back saying they don't think engagement will help with growth which is a simple outlook. How can I help if you wont take things onboard? I cannot vote if you don't interact with others replying and commenting yet users post every day multiple times.

Most Important Growth Tool Is Commenting On Other Posts

I did mention last week I had my concerns about Scorum joining our tribe as one has to just look at their trending posts. Nothing wrong with the posts, but there is definitely a lack of engagement which will get you nowhere on @sportstalksocial. This is my biggest concern as dropping a post in sports is only part of the job as there is more to it than that. I have said my piece and chances are the ones who I am trying to assist won't even read this so it is there loss.

This week we actually had more posts curated and I want to thank everyone who has been putting in the effort. 13 posts this week being curated is at least averaging nearly 2 every day. Tonight I had 5 posts that would have qualified but looking deeper into the user profiles they all failed on the lack of commenting again. How can you post more posts daily than the number of comments? These users are all wasting their time and when will they wake up?

This week we had @blanchy start up his Last Man Standing Competition and it is these types of contests users should be looking out for. 50 HBI to be won is big and all it takes is reading a post and dropping a comment. The last time I checked only 6 tribe members joined the contest when this was one of the most popular posts of the week last season.

I would like to thank @ocd for their incredible support as their backing is key to helping the tribe grow. If you have any spare Hive and looking to delegate then @ocdb would appreciate any amount. Everyone who delegates receives a daily payment in proportion with how much is delegated.

Until next week ENGAGE with others .


THe Last Man Standing contest is super freaking dope! I approve! I am changing pc, so I don't have eveything loaded yet, but I'll try to intereact more with other posts!


Blanchy's contest is great and was one of the most popular posts when he was around. He is back now which is what matters most and it is a great fun contest. There is a core group of users who can make a big difference on here as it just needs a few to show others what to do.

I must confess that I have missed out big from not being active but I feel things should change going forward. I think engagement is one thing that should be done more and I am glad that the community is taking it seriously now more than ever.

I also feel that scorum joining the platform will be huge for the blockchain and the community at large as I heard that a lot of development is ongoing on the scorum blockchain also. These past few days have seen the SCR (Scorum native coin) grow from 0.02 to the current value of 0.074 since their coming on board with hive and sporttalkscoial at large.

Also, thanks for the publicity on the ad @blanchy contest. will surely be checking it out to see if it's a contest that I can throw my one cent into. in all. Thanks for the announcement and update. Keep up the good work @ocdb and @cryptoandcoffee and @coolguy123

@lebey1 I will let you know when we start up the next one buddy.


Please tell the others on scorum the only way they can be supported is if they comment and reply on posts being active in the community. This is the one ruling ocd is pushing and many just don't get it as this is one thing they do not do.

I will try my best to do so. I myself want to inculcate such a habit and that has led me to leasing some hp for myself so I can comment more and upvote more

Thank you for this great post which makes things clearer to me and to some newbies like me but there are some things I didn't understand.
How can I participate in the contest and win 50 HBL?
I focus in my publications on covering matches and all important sports news, so it is necessary for me to publish more than once a day. Is there any problem in publishing more than once a day?
I try to comment and interact with people who provide content that I love and that is close to the content I provide, however, I feel that the interaction is very weak on my blogs, and no one comments on them and the donations are very few. Why is this happening?
On my introductory blog, ocdb and ocd supported me with a great amount, but they did not support me again after that time, although they supports a lot of people, how can I get their support again?
And what advice would you give me to earn more and reach more people?
I thank you for this great post because it helps beginners like me a lot

Agree as well big ups to @ocd

Could someone kindly let me know how you go about seeing price of SPORTS token?

I must admire your push. You definitely helped me see the value in engagement and it is fun.

Thanks @cryptoandcoffee . I wasn't expecting this. I think the competition may be over fast as everyone was wiped out today. Tomorrow is important day!!