Family Fantasy Football League Week 7: Not as Planned

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Well, that certainly didn't go as planned... I had some high hopes for this week even though many of my players were on bye or injured. In fact with my opponent only scoring 100 points, this could have been a very achievable win week.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Due in large part to a couple of players on my team. As you will see when I give the breakdown, the majority of my team actually did fairly well. It was just the two players I alluded to above that cost me the week.


Mahomes is starting to look less and less like the sure thing he was at the beginning of the season or a couple of years ago. Perhaps he needs to spend more time in training and less time with Jake from State Farm making commercials.

Injury aside, he still wasn't looking that great on Sunday. The Titans were literally tearing him apart. It was almost a godsend that he had the injury because then I at least had an excuse for his poor score.

I don't really know what is going to happen with Mahomes moving forward. At 3 and 4 on the season, they might go the safe route and bench him for a week or two until they know he is good to go. I kind of shot myself in the foot quarterback wise if that is the case. I will explain more about that in a little bit.

The other player that let me down this week is Jackson from the Rams. I would have been a bit okay if he had at least scored one point or a fraction of a point. Zero, that is unacceptable. Unless you get injured on the first play of the game, you have to do better than that. I have already submitted the transaction to drop him from my team and I am going to be replacing him with AJ Green.

I'm honestly not too mad about the rest of my time. As I said before, shy of those two guys above, this could have been a winning week for me based on the numbers from the rest of my team.

Sure, Sutton, Williams, and Andrews could have given me four to five more points a piece, but I'm not mad about that. They at least gave me something.


Looking at the bench, you can see they would have been absolutely worthless to me. Like I said, either injured or on bye week. I had very few options on who to play this week.

The good news is, my wife won her game and that is where we get into my sticky quarterback situation.

I always have to remind her on Thursday to check her roster in case she has players playing in the game that night. About an hour before game time, she says "uh oh, what do I do?". I didn't know what she was talking about at the time until she showed me her lineup. Both of her quarterbacks were on bye this week. That would leave her in a pretty hopeless position.

I quickly setup the trade for my backup quarterback (Stafford) to her and took Cousins in return. Like I said, Cousins was on bye this week, but I had Mahomes, so no big deal right?

I figured she had a good chance of getting a nice score from Stafford this week since he was playing the Lions. Sure enough, he scored something like 27 points and threw his 300th career touchdown (by contrast, Brady threw his 600th career touchdown this weekend). On top of that, my wife also has Cooper Kupp on her team which is Stafford's favorite target. He put up something like 25 points as well.

I have a feeling after this week she is not going to want to trade Stafford back to me. If Cousins continues to struggle I might be looking for a new quarterback sooner rather than later.

I am pretty bummed about the loss this week and the prospect of having to rebuild the core of my team. I am super happy for my wife though. She needed a win and I am glad that I was able to help her out with that. I am actually a bit surprised that none of our siblings tried to block the trade just to be jerks. Perhaps they figured she is in 8th place anyway so they wanted to throw her a bone.

Week 8 should be pretty interesting given all of the shifts that have been necessary on my team. These days nothing is a sure thing and I will likely be just as surprised as you about the outcome of the matchup!

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Perhaps he needs to spend more time in training and less time with Jake from State Farm making commercials

Priceless! 😂😂😂

Thanks, I was kind of proud of that one too!

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Mahomes is starting to look less and less like the sure thing he was at the beginning of the season or a couple of years ago

Yeah, that's a big problem with banking on a QB and is the same mistake I have made several times before. This was the theory of my friend that drafted above average players for each position, rather than spending tons on having a few superstar players.