Blanchy's Hot Take on Spurs. Things we learned from Chelsea & Morecambe.

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It hasn't been the great week for Spurs fans as we got hammered 2 - 0 by Chelsea and in the FA Cup on Sunday , Morecombe who are a 2nd division outfit gave us a scare and went 1 - 0 up until the last 20 minutes. Conte brought on the big guns and they saved us. We will start off with this game as a few of the fringe players were played to see if they could make a different. Spurs's record signing for 50 million Tanguy Ndombele. And he was useless. When he was dragged off in the 70 minute while 1 nil down, he strolled off the pitch at snails pace and this got Spurs fans absolutely livid. Conte said in a previous press congerence that Tanguy doesn't play for the team, he plays for himself and that was never more prevalent in that game against a lower division side. The boo's really meant the end for the midfielder who Spurs will try and shift immediately. He wants to go and we want him gone but it is easier said than done. No club wants him. And if any club do want him then it will have to be at a bargain price. Even if teams agree on a transfer, Tanguy has 4 years left on his contract valued in the region of 200K a week. No club will be willing to pay these wages. So this deal will not happen unfortuanately so we are stuck with him. The best we can do is a loan move and the other club cover his wages. The other issue is that Tanguy thinks he is one of the best in the world. He has the ability to be the best but his attitude stinks. So unless there is a club willing to take a risk then we are snookered. But I would say on Monday morning there was a few tackles on him by a certain two central defenders. Take a look at the photo below.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 13.53.56.png

Even Kane told him to hurry up coming onto the pitch as a substitute. Ndombele kept strollong down the tunnel and came out after a while but it is safe to say he is our most expensive flop ever.
Anyway Harry Winks's revival continues with a man of the match performance in the FA Cup. Conte trust Winks to do a job and it looks like he is giving the midfielder more to do. I'm glad because I never doubted Harry Wink's commitment. He just needed to pass it forward.

The Chelsea game in the semi final of the Carabao Cup was the Wednesday before it and we got hammered off the pitch. It could of been 5 or 6 goals really and it really showed the gap between the two teams. Plus Chelsea had a good few players injured so their reserves came in and really played the ball around fast. Tananga made two stupid mistakes and a few more of them and we will see him out on loan I would imagine. But it was typical Spurs. If you asked me if there was a game where we would score two own goals it would always be Chelsea. It's just ridiculous the goals we have handed them in the past. Anyway for some reason I was not too unhappy with the defeat because it gave Conte ammunition to go back to the board and give them proof that there was a major gap in class between the "Middle" as Conte described it and the top teams. We play them again on Wednesday and with Dier back hopefully we will just go for it. Byran Gil might get a rare start that night with Sonny still injured so we will see how he does against the big boys.

On the transfer front Conte has asked the board to buy a right wing back, a centre half, a central midfielder and a striker.
The right wing back is Traore who plays for Wolves. We are negotiating a fee of around 20 million or Doherty plus a fee. It would be good to see Matt Doherty going as he has not been a good signing whatsoever. As my father says about him. He is not a Spurs player, no class.
So with the right wing back sorted we are putting pressure on AC Milan to sell us Kessie in this transfer window. He will be available this summer but with enough of a push , we might secure him in January.
So that leaves a centre half and a striker. The striker one is tough because no striker wants to play second fiddle to one of the worlds best strikers at the moment so we have to sign a good back up but not so good that he will be moaning that he is not getting game time. Anyway Kane always gets injured around the Superbowl for some reason so he will get plenty of game time around then. Vlahovic is the dream. He is a free in the summer but if anyone wants his pen to paper now it will cost in and around 150 million. Madness but he is one of the worlds in form strikers at the moment and he just scored his 41st goal of the season. Image of Darren Anderton by the way or that bully of an older brother that comes good at the end in 1980's American films.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 14.16.55.png
But I see Spurs going for another mid ranking striker and wait for Scarlett to come of age.
The left sided Centre Half is the last and final place. Paradici has a relationship with De Ligt from his Juventus days and De Ligt is not enjoying his time at Juventus at the moment. I have not heard of many more Centre Halves up for sale. Maybe Sergio Ramos at this rate as he is not happy being a sub at P.S.G. But if he stopped getting sent off he might play.
So it's gonna be an interesting few weeks at Spurs as we play Chelsea two more times, a London Derby with the Arsenal in the middle and Leicester between them. Mother of god. I was listening to a podcast recently and the host made a good point. We are not gonna beat Chelsea 3 times so we need to focus on the one game we can beat them in and that's the league. Now saying that Tuchel has Chelsea back playing well and they gave Liverpool a masterclass the other week so we are playing the European Champions on form so I can't be that disappointed. If we get knocked out of the cup then fine once we beat Arsenal in the derby then i am happy. 2-0 will be tough to come back from but stranger things have happened.


Teams have to get rid of over rated crap and become a proper team with quality. Attitude tells you so much about a player as look at Pogba as a prime example. Any team would be mad to sign him. I really hope Conte can keep Spurs in the top 4 come April.

ah hopefully now but unless we get firepower in January, we might not get there

Tomorrow's match will be interesting because both teams have massive league games at the weekend with Chelsea playing City being their last realistic chance of catching them at the top.

We have to start well tomorrow and get the crowd up for it. Overturning the 2-0 deficit will be tough but if we can win the 90mins that sets us up nicely for the North London derby especially as Arsenal have travel to Liverpool on Thursday and will still be licking their wounds from getting knocked out the FA Cup. We'd all like to win something this year but I'd probably settle for a top 4 finish if it means we can continue to add high calibre players in the summer.

I see that we've also approached Jesse Lingard to sign a pre-contract agreement this summer. I don't mind that as he showed he's still up for it at West Ham but hopefully we are targeting a bit more quality in the middle of the park too.

I think Lingard is underrated actually. He did a great job for West Ham and apparently he is the fittest guy at United. That and with a point to prove , he would do well. Conte could do a job on him as well. Quite excited about that one. He seems to be popular as well among the players. Yeah Chelsea will rest a few but they bloody had a second string team the last day as well and they were brilliant. Such a great squad when your reserves are senior internationals.

I had written this comment yesterday and thought it had gone through only to find out it didn't and I have to do it all over again. I honestly feel like crying because that was an epistle, but let's give it another shot.

it gives me so much joy to see Spurs, Gooners or very recently Red devil fans complain about their clubs and have high hopes in the same breath. It's just a joy to see.

I completely agree with you with regards to Ndombele, he seemed to be a player with so much potential but he has been one very lazy footballer since he got to Spurs and I too think its all his fault. I enjoyed the stink eye Dier was giving to him and wouldn't mind if he gets tackled in training sessions myself.

it might be too late for him to get redemption but he needs to get with the programme of the game or his career would be over in the coming years.

I don't see Spurs winning any of the Chelsea fixtures but I won't be surprised if they get a draw today.

I was quite upset when I heard Son is injured because he was supposed to be my Salah replacement in my FPL team while the AFCON is happening only to hear he picked a knock.

Good luck in all your endeavours and thank you for helping us beat Leicester and cement our place in the UCL spot although we would have done it for ourselves by beating City in the UCL final.

Stay safe
An ardent Chelsea supporter

This is my entry for the @comet.ranker operation #ping contest.

😂@pappyelblanco. Best reply ever.

I think Traore would be a solid signing. Wherever you can inject physicality along the back line with someone who has pace. If he played on Sons side that could be a master-stroke.

Vlahovic what a young gun. Especially when you consider that he's doing it in one of the most defensive minded leagues in the world...

Yeah he's on fire. Good call on the Traore Son link up. It would be nice to see. With the sheer muscle and speed of this guy it will be interesting to see how is does as a wing back

Spurs need a more defined long-term project over anything. They seem to have been following BVB's motto without an actual decent scouting/analytics team.

The strategy is to sign young players who are meant to come good. I think Dortmund were much better at that. I lived in Dortmund for 3 years back around 2013 . Klopps time and the players they brought through were something else. If we followed Dortmunds model right then we would be up there challenging..just unfortunate 3 or 4 transfer windows were either failures or we didn't sign anyone. Liverpool did and that's the difference .

It's a very interesting point you make about the top teams and the middle teams. My boys Arsenal are undoubtedly a middle team now as well. Spurs, Arsenal and United have a lot of catching up to do on the big 3 and that 4th Champions League spot may not even go to any of us, with West Ham having a right good sniff of it this year. If Arsenal don't snatch fourth, I'd like to see West Ham get 4th. Full credit to David Moyes, he's doing a fine job there, he is suited to the Underdog manager role, rather than managing a team with high expectations. Fair dues to him.

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